The physiotherapy department at Frances Vorwerg School consists of 4 physiotherapists. We work mainly with the more physically disabled children in the school. Children are either treated individually or in groups. Where indicated, some children also attend weekly standing sessions. The focus of physiotherapy is helping the children to become more functional, and where appropriate, functional goals are set in conjunction with the children. The physiotherapists use
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Standing sessions in physiotherapy
different types of equipment during therapy sessions such as balls, rollers, and various
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Physiotherapy facilitating correct walking pattern

types of games to ensure that our goals are achieved through fun activities. Home visits are also done by the therapists to evaluate the children’s home environment and determine if any special equipment is required. The physiotherapists also work together with the occupational therapists in wheelchair assessments and the seating clinic. This assists with postural management and corrective measures to reduce the risk of further disabilities of the children.
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