Learners can enter the Senior Phase in the year that they turn 13. The learners should at least be a MMH candidate. Lower functioning learners will not grow in our academic programme.


We follow the AET (old ABET) learning program. The programme consist of:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Numeracy (Maths).

The program is underwritten by Media Works and is an accredited programme (SAQA and NQF). Level 4 of this programme is equivalent to a Gr 9 exit level (in terms of literacy and numeracy).

We also do Life Orientation with the learners. This is not an accredited subject but at least prepares them with necessary life skills.


We offer the following skills:

  • Computer Skills (in conjunction with Knowledge Network). This is a compulsory skill for all our learners.
  • Restaurant (in conjunction with LIS Hotel School). Learners can be taken into the Hotel School to be trained as assistant chefs (at the right age).
  • Needlework. This is not an accredited programme, but equips the girls with skills they will need for their daily lives.
  • Cleaning Services (in conjunction with Afriboom Cleaning Services). This company offers learnerships when the learners are 16 years old.
  • Metalwork: We are still going to have this programme accredited.
  • Woodwork (in conjunction with Round Square).  We are still going to have this programme accredited.

Our aim in this phase is to equip learners with skills that are in demand by the labour market.

We would, as far as possible, like to place the learners in a work environment. To be able to achieve the latter, we must have a working relationship with the learners.  We want to make work ethics part of their operational skills.

We follow the same disciplinary system as the rest of the school and enforce all aspects of the system.  By engaging into this, the learners get to know boundaries and get used to rules.

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