Purpose:  to provide for the special needs of learners who experience great difficulty with an all academic scholastic program

Our aim: to develop each learner to his/her full potential

How?  We create a working environment for our learners on a daily basis and add meaning, joy and fun to their daily living. aimed at achieving independent adulthood

What do we offer?  Basic skills such as:

Needlework                    Woodwork
Creative Art                   Home Industry
Tuck Shop Skills             Food Garden
Cement Blocks               Beads
Mosaic                           Fabric Painting
Paper Mache

We take pride in our Valentine’s Market Day, our Mother’s Day Market and Christmas Market.  By selling our products we raise the much needed funds to expand our Skills Training Program.

Our children learn step by step, with the focus on his/her strong points.  With our Skills Training Program we build confidence and self-worth, focus on respect and  discipline, teach work-ethics, encourage peserverance, we work on neatness, concentration, workspeed, teach children to work to the best of his/her ability, to complete an activity and to stay focussed on a task.

We are working on the implementation of more advanced skills programs such as Office Skills, Educare, Handyman, Woodwork, Needlework, Home Industry, Cleaning services, which will enable us to do job coaching and job placement in the near future.

Our belief  -  Learning should be fun!

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