Approximately 12% of the total population suffers from speech problems; i.e.3 million people in South Africa need the help of trained speech therapists.
At Frances Vorwerg School, speech and hearing therapy focuses on all facets of communication namely:
?    speech (articulation, stuttering, voice disorders etc.)
?    language (understanding and grammar)
?    hearing
?    listening
?    writing
?    alternative or augmentative methods of communication.

Learners are seen for therapy individually or in groups, depending on their needs.

The therapists also work closely with the class teacher and other members of the trans-disciplinary team which include an ear-nose and throat specialist and maxillo-facial surgeon.

Learners who are unable to complete regular test papers and examinations are assisted by the therapists in using concessions for example Tape Aid; Scribing or Adapted test papers

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